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Why am I here...?  Why am I writing stuff down to just getr abused by people who do not know who I am... pisse4sd me off.  People don't know me... they just comment like they nbever knew I existed...and it HURTS!  Horribly.  Everytime I come to this site, It's like walking on shards of glass.  I have no idea if I am going to get cut and hurt.  THe last time this happened some A*shole told my post was pathetic.  Pathetic?  Who in the hell can tell me my post is patheltic when they have never known me... my problems... or even studied my profile or my writings... I outwhited him... instead of reporting him... because, even though I can report them... it's not fair for the person to be thrown off the site becasue they might need help.  It's EXPERIENCE project... meaning it's there fior a reason... to help those in need... even if they piss me off.  Yet, here it goes again... studying her profile... I looked at it and found out that there are things we have in common.  I would gladly apologize... for, if that woul;d helop I would... but what am I apologizing for... criptic words I do not understand. A bad temper that would deprade me further?  I can't stand it.  I really try on this site and get kicked in the teeth by posters who don't even know me and don't even care who I am... and my sensativity.  Why am I here? 

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